• Planting Hope

    Planting Hope

    A Virginia Native front yard floral demonstration garden. The grass was replaced by a living lawn by using a trouble-free, versatile sedge Carex rosea, accented by a long-blooming spring, summer and fall perennial for seasonal color. A vegetable and herb raised bed was built to add functionality to the space.
  • A Permeable Solution

    A Permeable Solution

    An unusable driveway was reimagined along with a native meadow and food planting area to create a front yard that is beautiful and useful throughout all four seasons. Permeable pavers lend both a functional and beautiful detail to the drive while containing all of the water runoff that used to pool in the area. Finally, the old and drafty sunroom was redesigned and built to be usable space with views of the yard.
  • At Home at Glebe Manor

    At Home at Glebe Manor

    A childhood home is updated and a long-standing water problem resolved while honoring happy memories and respecting the home's history. Our 2019 Sustainable Landscape Master Plan incorporated an Arlington StormwaterWise approved Rain Garden and Conservation Landscapes to fix the owners' deep-rooted problem with standing water while complementing an existing outdoor brick fireplace and integrating a newly built 2-car detached garage addition.
  • Wild at Heart

    Wild at Heart

    Winner of the BUBBA (Best Urban BMP in the Bay Award) this innovative rain garden created a solution for a common problem: dealing with runoff that didn’t originate on a homeowner's property. The beautiful design uses a dry well to address street runoff concerns, combined with a rain garden to disconnect and redirect their impervious roof runoff from the large wet area that pooled in the front yard. A stone retaining wall was built to create a flatter yard for the family to run around and play outside. Locating the proposed rain garden next to the stone wall solved the dual problem of pushing infiltrating water a safe distance from the house foundation while creating important family fun and play space.
  • Zendria Sanctuary

    Zendria Sanctuary

    Sometimes, you just have to build a waterfall! This sharply sloping yard was transformed through hardscaping from unusable space into a tranquil oasis with a stunning pond and waterfall, natural stone patio, and trees. See a video of the transformed yard with the view more button.
  • Making Waves

    Making Waves

    Say hello to another successful 2023 VCAP Conservation Landscaping Project with Sponge Gardens! The front lawn is gone and replaced with 100% Virginia native plants from the foundation to the sidewalk. Say good-bye and good riddance to all the all the turf grass plus the invasive and exotic plants. Plus, the backyard retaining wall was failing and water was flooding the foundation. New retaining wall built and regrading means a nice, dry basement to enjoy!